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SMART School

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SMART School Management System

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Multi School

Multidisciplinary School Management System is a fully organized.

Fully ACL Based

Online school management system is a fully ACL Based.

Payroll System

Manages multi campus Payroll on System.


Complete Examination System, with Result CARDS

SMART Campus

EDUeCARE – Multi School Management System Express is the latest and most comprehensive school automation system that is suitable for all educational institutions, such as Schools, Colleges and Universities. Especially for those who want to manage all schools from one system / server.

Multidisciplinary School Management System is a fully organized access control system based on ACL, multilingual, exclusive reports and a secure multidisciplinary school management system with well documented and clear coding.


Enhances Communication between Schools and parents

Web-based system, allowing access from anywhere with an Internet connection – no need for a phone, SIM card or additional software.




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